Alan was driven to create the idea of Eat For Power after being affected by his own health and discovering the impact of the fitness community on his life.  Since then Alan has begun work with Nutrition Dynamic who believes in Reaching Ones Potential through Nutrition and Lifestyle Change; these views could not be more in line with Alan and Eat For Power. He is thrilled to be under such a wonderful organization.


From the moment you walk through the door it is you and me; every step of the way.  I’ll be there rooting for you and forever pushing to reach the new you.


Eat For Power is more than a fly-by slogan.  It’s a Belief, an Idea and a Way of Life providing the key to living a Long, Sustainable, Happy and Powerful Life.


Physical training can be a tough hurtle to conquer on your own. With the numerous styles and methodologies floating around it's hard to know what is right for you

Together we will find what is right for your goals, all while making it enjoyable. 

Whether you want to loose fat and trim down, build muscle and gain size, increase functional fitness or just incorporate direct physical activity we will get you there. 

And remember: Women will benefit just as much as men in the gym.


With the hundreds of diets advertised everywhere from social media to the nightly news, it is no wonder mass confusion has engulfed modern society.

Together we will work on what needs to be done to get you back on track.  After that we will determine what is right for you and your lifestyle and above all is sustainable. 

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Physical excursion in particular intentional physicality has been proven to aid in mental health as well.  Not only does exercise produce natural endorphins but can improve self-esteem and confidence. 


It has been proven time and time again in studies and practical application that physical activity and proper nutrition can improve the quality of life exponentially in any and all individuals.

All too often Physical Fitness and proper Nutrition are far over looked in our current society and particularly in the field of both internal and mental medicine.  

Areas of Particular importance include Eating Disorders, Alcohol and Substance Abuse, PTSD in Service-Men and the General Public, Post Hospital Rehab and acute Mental illness including Depression, Anxiety and many other areas.


Everyone has to go to the grocery but you may be lost as to what is best and how to find it - which is when I can guide you through.  

After you know what will help you reach your potential and get it in your hands you need to be able to properly prepare it.  Again, this is a time we can work together; I can teach you how to go from a sack of groceries to the dinner table.

Our connection doesn’t end at the gym door; no - it goes much further and deeper than that.  With advanced Health Screenings offered as part of Nutrition Dynamic we can get solid biological readings to reference later on and we don’t stop there.

Together we can go through your current food selections in your kitchen and find what may be hindering your progress and holding you back.  


When you are unable to prepare your own meals you must know how navigate the restaurant.  While it may seems impossible to know how your food was prepared, I can teach you the secrets to decoding the menu selections.

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