My Journey

The world of Physical Activity and Proper Nutrition literally saved my life.  I had to face being told by two separate doctors that I was going to die if things did not change and that change needed to be now. 

This all came about as I was diagnosed with an Eating Disorder, which was never officially classified.  But all signs pointed towards Orthorexia; Orthorexia is Healthy Eating taken way too far.  I was restricting my food intake to a detrimental level; even broccoli was a questionable food because of the carbs.

At the time I was uneducated in nearly all manners of nutrition and I had never been exposed to intentionally planned physical fitness.  I would pick up the latest nutritional buzz word and go all out with it until I herd the next trending “health” statement.   However, I would never drop anything I had previously been doing.  Eventually things added up - nearly every nutrient label was bad in one way or another. 

At my worst I fell to 108lbs and I am male standing at 6’3”.  I could barely make it up the stairs to my apartment with my groceries.

It took time and many medical tests, some of which were unwarranted, before I was finally diagnosed as having and Eating Disorder and got Professional help in the form of Out Patient counseling.  While the counseling did help a great deal I did not particularly care for this style of recovery, therefore it was through the power of self-education that I truly found the salvation to my recovery.

For me knowledge is power and that is what drove my journey of recovery leading me to the health and fitness community which is what I credit to ultimately getting me back on track. 

I clearly needed to gain weight, but I insisted on going about it in a proper and healthy manner -  not stuffing my face with milkshakes and hamburgers which is what was suggested to me by Doctors and Therapists.  The motivation for knowledge opened up the door to the fitness world.  I learned what proper nutrition was and when I had regained enough strength to get in the gym, I made my way in for the first time ever.

No part of it was easy but every part was necessary and I wanted it allI had to literally rebuild muscle that had been lost.  I had the goal of regaining what was lost and surpassing were I was when it all began; and I am more than confident in saying I have done so.  I am so much stronger in mind, body and spirit now than I was before, however I am by no means done.  I strive to continue to build myself and everyone around me.  If I can help just one person unleash their true potential and regain anything they have lost or build upon what they currently have, it makes my entire journey worthwhile.

My goal now is to aid everyone in accomplishing what they fear they can not.  I feel incorporating Physical Fitness and Proper Nutrition can be a gateway no matter where someone is trying to go.

I will work with anyone who is looking to embark on a journey of health. My ultimate goal is to work with people who are Recovering form any form of Eating Disorder, Alcohol and Drug Abuse, PTSD (service men and non), Lack of Self-esteem, Depression and other Acute Mental Illnesses.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to me for any reason.  Whether you are looking for a loved one or yourself and just need to talk, have questions or want to work together I am always here and willing.