Mental Health Benefits of Training

Build the Body Build the Mind

There have been numerous studies showing how physical activity can impact your life positively both mentally and physically.  This plays a key element for me when it comes to incorporating fitness into your life.  I want the journey to not only impact  your outward appearance, but also your internal and mental well-being.

Exercise in whatever form is deemed appropriate for you at this point in time can be a huge mental relief in so many ways.  For some, getting active is a time they can let go of the day’s problems, all the tiny little annoyances that have built up can finally be released and you can let your mind be free.  For others it’s a place where they can work out pending or accumulated frustrations, whether it’s by allowing thoughts into your mind or by getting everything out of your head and focusing solely on the task at hand.

The gym can also be your go to vice when negative thoughts and feelings start to creep up on you.  When you start to feel yourself slipping in anyway you can focus on what you have and or will do in the gym and how rewarding it feels working your body and the thrill you get when you achieve new heights you never thought possible.

Shifting your focus here will help drive out those negative thoughts and emotions and replace them with feelings of pride, self-worth and accomplishment.

Ultimately your approach to being active and physical is what will benefit your mind the most; allowing the natural chemical reactions in the body to take place and enjoying what you’re doing will help you mentally.