I hear far too often that being healthy is too expensive, whether it be training, eating, or just basic daily activities. 

This is why I never want you to hold back because of the cost concerns; There are numerous ways we can structure things to make it fit into your lifestyle. 

Our first meeting will be a combination of an introductory meeting and a shortened workout session. 

This first meeting will be complementary as I want to ensure there is no pressure and we make sure we are a good fit for each other and you feel comfortable with everything involved. 

Currently Training is out of Nutrition Dynamic in the Snap Fitness 24/7 located in Carew Tower 441 Vine St. Cincinnati, Ohio 45202.

• Training Sessions ----- Typically 1-Hour

• Nutritional Coaching ----------- Varied

• Cooking Lessons -------------- Varied

• Kitchen Pantry Over-Hauls ------ Varied

• Grocery Shopping ------------- Varied

• Restaurant Navigation --------- Varied

Don’t hesitate to get touch day or night, the sooner you take charge your health the sooner you can truly start livingAll methods of contact here.

With our nation so invested in big pharma medication its time for you to take control of your health and introduce prevention to avoid being another statistic.

It was state recently at the 2017 ACSM Summit that 97% is spent on treatment and only 3% on prevention in our current health care system.