Self-Betterment Above All 

It has been proven time and time again in studies and practical application that physical fitness and proper nutrition can improve the quality of life exponentially in any individual. 

Too often mainstream medicine (both internal and psychological) misses the importance of both of these aspects of life.  However, harnessing the power of self can help build Self-Esteem and has been proven to help people recovering from Eating Disorders, Drug and Alcohol Addiction, PTSD in service men and the general public, Post Hospital Rehab and acute mental illnesses including Depression, Anxiety and many other areas in life. 

I genuinely feel that through working together I can help anyone along in their journey through life no matter what they may be facing.

By working on one’s own body and mind, incorporating physical fitness and a proper nutrition plan, drastic changes can occur.  You will begin to see your full potential and how together we can get you to the place you want to be.

The gym can provide a release of the stressors that have taken hold of you during the day, week or any other unpleasant situation. Having something to focus on in times of struggle has been proven to help a great number of people.  When you find yourself starting to wander mentally - which can lead to poor behavior in any sense of the word - having something else to think about, plan for and work toward can get you right back on track with where you need to be.

Also, having a solid proper nutrition plan can greatly aid from the very beginning.  By fueling our bodies we also fuel our minds. With this in hand you will not only feel better physically but mentally as well.  It will be easier to think through out the day and make difficult decisions.  Consuming the proper foods will also help with your willpower through out everyday. Having the proper nutrients will allow you keep your goal at the forefront of your mind and help you not to waiver to temptation.

When you combine proper nutrition with physical fitness, using the tools and strategies I give you, success is well within reach!